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Baoshan Single Serving


Sometimes you want coffee on the go or just don’t want to make a full pot. Traditionally this has meant drinking instant coffee or grabbing a coffee from a chain outlet. Those coffees typically aren’t very good, they often have lousy quality beans that are stale so the coffee ends up being roasted quite dark before being brewed and combined with sweeteners and dairy to mask the flaws. This is why we offer packs of single-serving coffee filters that rides over the cup and allows for a convenient yet great cup of coffee.

These filters come pre-filled with 4 grams of coffee from Baoshan. Baoshan is a beautiful and mountainous region of Yunnan province in China. Like much of Yunnan, Baoshan finds itself part of the Himalayan uplift which provides a high altitude plateau and even higher mountains. This results in a fantastic environment for coffee growing as the altitude allows the coffee bean to develop higher levels of acidity.

The coffee beans are hand-picked, hand-sorted, and hand-roasted, which allows for a great cup of coffee every time. Similarly, because we work with farmers in Baoshan to provide better quality beans, we are able to pay better than fair-trade prices that provide better economic opportunities for the farmers who work with us.

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